What to do in the nose pain!

Cyanocytic pain is basically a sinus attack, it depends on a lot. For example, it may be said that there is pain on the side of Maxillary sinusitis and the position of maxillary sinus, that is, around the nose, cheeks, teeth or face or face. With this kind of headache, with a slight emptiness in the head. When sinus is attacked, its excretory material produces inflammation within the nostrils. Sinus swelling can sometimes cause nausea. nose pain anstoday

Any obstruction in the nose, such as the DNS or nose, may be due to the increased cyanocytosis. So these causes are the main purpose of diagnosing sinositis disease. So the symptoms of these synercitis become good. Due to inflammation of sinositis, pus or figurative material is released from the nose. In addition to these symptoms, there are some additional symptoms of cyanocytosis in children and adolescents.


Their eyes and eyes in particular are swollen, the nose is sometimes closed, sleeping on the face, smelling of the mouth and nose, nose, excessive nausea, frequent cough, and sometimes regular vomiting.

Global statistics show that this disease is infected by to 10 percent of the 100 people. However, in the cold conditions, the number of people infected with this disease is increasing.

(To overcome this pain, do these things)

Take the vault :-

When dried in the ‘ cavity ‘ of the nose or in the empty space and on the ‘ sinus ‘ path, the ‘ mucus ‘ or mucus becomes stiff. The accumulated ‘ mucus ‘ will be thin if you take hot water vapor with breathing and its normal removal will be easy.

If you take a long breath while bathing with hot water it is beneficial. The water also makes the water warm, and it works, even if it breathes through the nose in the mouth. To keep the vapor trapped, a hot water vessel should be covered with a towel from its head. If you want, a few drops of ‘Essential Oil’ can be mixed in this hot water.

Hot brooding :-

When pressed with piece of warm cloth on the face where the pressure is felt, comfortable pressure. Close your nose if you bend over your eyes and nose.

Sold food :-

Although it is odd to hear, using sesame seeds, there is temporary solution to the problems of the sinus. Sour cream is an element called natural painkillers called ‘ ‘ capsicin. ” And water comes through the nose while playing sesame because of this ingredient.

Drink water :-

The thinner the water you drink, the thinner the mucus or the mucus. The sinus will stay moist if you drink enough water, which can be felt better. And you must refrain from any drying throat food or drink.

Cinnamon :-

This spice has inflammatory properties. Eating honey mixed with cinnamon.result nose pain is beneficial when sinusitis becomes excessive.

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