The Way to Overcome Eye Problems

Keeping our eyes healthy is very important. Because the whole world feels useless if the eyes are not healthy. The Earth’s light, shape and nature will all become meaningless. There’s something to do to keep our beloved eye healthy.

…Let’s know…

Keep clean regular eyes. Occasionally, for scratchy eye health, the eyes are better. Develop the habit of closing the eyes and opening them once every three to four seconds. Give light to your eyes. Hold it in two eyes as the palm’s two palms produce heat. It will diminish your vision and relax.

Usually we are used to looking at objects closest to us. Give the vision away. Try walking or watching away. Keep out of the humid air two eyes. The dry air absorbs the eyes ‘ viscosity. The air conditioner should therefore keep an eye out of the wind. Use sunglasses to protect against injury and dust from damage to the eye. Reduce computer, smartphone and television brightness.


Sunlight offers treatment that is eye – free. But the sunny sunshine is not there. Morning and late afternoon lights look after the eyes. Many people see their vision blurred. There may be water japata release. Usually this is because of dry conditions.

Take a break in the pauses of work. A little massage is beneficial when the eyes are tired of working. Especially if you have on your head a slight massage. There is pain in the head and eyes because of lack of sleep. The eyes of sleep will have peace.

Stay away from eye – making. Wash it as soon as possible if you have it. Eat plenty of spinach. There are many nutritional types and looters. Many problems will be solved by Palang spinach.

Lipton is supplied with regular eggs.The vision is sharpened by these components. Water your eyes if you get the chance. Give the eye more water while your mouth is washing. It’s going to clear the eyes. Smoking is harmful for eyes. So leave it Put plenty of fish in the food list. There are plenty of omega-3s in it. If the problem of eye problems is regularly show the eyes to the specialist.

Proper use of Light

In a while, eyes can take any light. But it should not be done in low light or intense light and other activities in order to keep the eyes healthy. It’s better not to light the daytime sunlight. Night light tube lamps for the eyes are comfortable. During the study of light in table lamp, keeping the lamp in front of the wall is better to be reflected in the light.

Dust-Dirty and Polluted Environment

Everyday work should be thoroughly washed with cold and clean water. Ultraviolet ray eye enemies of sunlight so staying away from sunlight is better. During sunlight, sunglasses should be worn. Using photocrometic lenses will be comfortable for those wearing glasses.

It is important to use black glasses for conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, patients with Iriatitis and cataract surgery. It is better to wash and wash the eyes with cold and clean water before you go to bed every day to keep your eyes healthy.

Eye care during various diseases

Children with measles, jerking, hooping, diarrhea etc. need special care. If these diseases are not treated properly, there is a risk of loss of eyes. If diabetes and patients with high blood pressure are not treated at the right time, permanent eye damage may occur.

Diabetes can be retinopathy for diarrhea if diabetes is long uncontrolled. You can keep your eyes healthy if you can regularly and accurately control diabetes or blood pressure with these diseases.

Glasses use

Those who need glasses should wear eyeglasses by looking at the suggestion of the doctor. Naturally, it’s hard to study and see things nearby from around the age of 40 years. Many people are using their own eyeglasses at this time, which are harmful to the eyes. Of course, the eye specialist will be able to examine the eyes and take the necessary glasses.

Some people think you’re going to have to wear glasses all day long if you use glasses. Don’t use glasses like that. If you’re using eyeglasses at the time, your eyes are good or you’re studying or you’re under pressure to see nearby things. These stresses keep damaging the eyes. The glasses should always be kept clean. The opaque and flat lens should not be used.

Suddenly, something in your eyes

Basically, there are a variety of small game balls from dust, insects, small pieces of pistachios, or small pieces of play that can suddenly be seen. Due to these, barking at first sight, continuous water with eyes, irritation of eyes, eyes closed, eyes become red and eyes become red. If it is not taken out quickly, then it can cause eye damage to the dirty cohenae, it is not unusual to have eyes blinded at one stage of the loss.

If such a feeling is felt, then it is not possible for everyone, especially children, to have eyes or wrists often. If something is easy to see, then try bringing cottage or cotton cotton or a spike to help others out.

Cottage :-

Because of aging and other reasons, the transparent lens behind the eye cornea and ireis is apocalyptic. It is called cataract disease to be transparent in this transparent lens. For all the reasons cataracts are because of the eyes-
1. Due to age
2. The injury is due to the losses
3. Due to Diabetes Disease
4. UVITs (due to disease
5. Due to uncontrolled steroid use

Slowly disappearing vision, changing glasses, showing rainbow in the light of light, seeing one thing two or more, sight spots in sight, dark eyes, etc. can also be symptoms of cataract disease. Because of catarrh disease, immune diseases can be cured. Cataract is not a medicine remedy. The treatment of cataracts should be performed through surgery.

Eye ball External disease

(A) Bloheritis :-

It’s in the eyelid an eyebrow or hair follicle. It is also possible to feel eyes closed in the light, swallowing in the eye, etc. Care eye doctor may attack repeatedly on regular basis (such as eyes, hair, scratching his head to clear dandruff) and medication to prevent the disease from falling.

(B) Tocis :-

It is the eye muscle disease. It fell in the eye down the eyes. This condition may be caused by injury, neural weakness, old age. If the problem is too much, it can be treated by surgery in some cases.

(C) Cheeker Anjali :-

It is located at the start of the hair follicle, the protein swelling through the infection in the form of swelling. It causes acute eye pain and the hair begins to swell. It’s better to use hot sauce and medicines in the doctor’s advice. Barbeers should be tested for blood glucose levels of their diabetes.

(D) Meva :-

Swelling within the eyelids like painless tumor. It is the long – term inflammation within the eyelid of the albumin glands. Through operation, it can be done. May be repeated because of lack of vision. In that case, if there is vision test and lack, the eyeglasses may be given.

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