The Real love story in 2019

Our first meeting on February 26, 2010, in a banquet of my father’s office icddr, b He also used to work in the office of his cradle, that too he was also visited.

Then our story begins …

I win, and the person’s name is Puspo. When our relationship started, blossom fell in Intermediate First Year and I was waiting for the result with honors final. Then join the Mirpur office of icddr, b. I used to go from Mohakhali to Mirpur to my office every day. And since his house was Mirpur, we were often seen at the end of the office.
The more I saw, the more I would have been surprised. Although honors were the final, I was very dry to see. The biggest thing – my height is just 5 ‘1’ and also the height 5 ‘1’ which is enough for a girl. Yet I did not even hesitate to revolve around me. If I used to say this, then he would comfort me and say, ‘You are not responsible for why you do not like it. We are just like the Creator made us. It will not make you sad at all.

It is not fair to see the blossom as a fairy, but it is not. The color of the color is a little bit shy, but a very sweet cunning one look. She must be a better boyfriend than me. But I do not know why she loves me like crazy. On the day when I did not take food from home, my own cooked food would be given in the office.
It was not just love between us, but there were lots of quarrels. The main reason for most of the quarrels was- not having time. Often we used to visit the area of ​​Mirpur-12 Sagufta after the office. Sometimes I could not afford to have work pressure. Then there was a quarrel. His anger was like the huff and the love mix. Gradually the anger would have become huffy. If he had a big quarrel, his closest girlfriend, Hino, would have given us a chance. Besides, I am not looking handsome, in other ways, it is necessary to build itself. So sometimes I used to work on computers after office hours to read the good work of the buses.
I used to explain to Puspo, ‘Look, I’ve been working better than those who have joined me in the job, because I work more than them. Do not you want me to go to a better position? ‘
He was my inspiration.

But my love for blooming love is very small. After getting her HSC result, I did not get admission in engineering. Because I’m a boy passed from English University in English Literature. If his admission in blossom engineering, his family will not accept me in any way. So engineering is not admitted. I understood a lot but I did not hear it. B.Sc. in Laboratory Science of Bangladesh University of Health Science in Mirpur. His class boys are better than me and smart. Yet they never compared me to them. Rather, I introduced him as his boyfriend with everyone.
In December 2011, my father died suddenly. I still had many courage and comfort. In December 2012, I went to Mohakhali, head office of icddr, b after getting a promotion in service. We were seen on Friday and Saturday for two days a week for holidays. I went to the Diploma in Computer Science for office work. All-day classes on Friday. I do not see all day – Poshpa got admitted to me.

The time was very good. End of his 3rd year, now Internee. Along with that, our diploma and almost end. One day and said, ‘Looking for a pot for marriage at home’.Although everything was fine in our house, the families of the two victims Foster father is a mother and a mother with a younger brother in the village. The guardian in Dhaka is all about Khalani. From Class Seven, he studied from the flowers. She is very scared, she can not tell about our relationship. I said, ‘Do not be afraid, I am here’.

There was another promotion in January 2016, which was a big plus point for me.
Puspo’s hoodlum also employs icddr, b, one day I met with courage. In passing our relationship, I said in a different way that I like her niece and want to marry.
He asked a lot about my family. After asking about how to know the flower, I said, ‘I saw the picnic.’ He told that after giving any decision, he will tell later.

After the Khalamii now my own family. I took the head of shame and said to Mom. Blossom came to our house once with my younger sister. Then Mom saw her. As far as I understand Mom does not agree. Mom said to Apu and the big dulabai. They do not agree too. My younger brother does not like flowers.
The problems my family had shown were such that ‘the girl is not fair, but the color of the skin My height is low, so the wife must be very long. How to cope with the family?

I understand so much – the color or height of the people’s neck is not everything, the mind is real.

On the other hand, there were many negative discussions about me in Pushpo’s family. For example: – ‘The boy is ugly, short and dry. They will be like children in the future. ‘
Although they did not say anything, they knew about our relationship. Pushpo’s father and uncle came home from abroad. He told a lot of things: ‘There was a lack of son in the world that this boy was liked!’ The blossom had lowered his head and silently tears.

How much is the beauty of beauty in our society, both of us were bone bone. For the sake of ‘illusory’, everyone wanted to break our relationship. But in the end, beauty was defeated by love, the two families agreed.
Talking about the stress of my office work, I decided on the date of marriage on February 26, which was the historic day of our first meeting. It was just blossom and I knew. On the night of Basar, we both enjoyed it very much, our first meeting and marriage were on the same day.

This was the story of our love. Our marriage will be completed on February 26, 2019, and Ten years of love will be fulfilled. Another good news- new guests came to our house. Everyone will pray – for our babu.

Thank you very much for reading this story.



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