The easiest way to get rid of knee pain

For various reasons, knee pain may occur. Because of his age, he has knee pain. There is one kind of fluid in the knee. If the age is a decrease in the fluid. The feeling of pain has started since then. There is a shortage of calcium in the human body when there is an age. As a result, bone weakening can cause pain.

The amount of uric acid in the blood sometimes increases, but knee pain begins. There is pain in the knee due to injury caused by age – related injury. Sometimes when the injury happens, the ligaments may be torn.


The knee pain among older women or men is not only limited. It may also be this difficulty for young people. Because of an accident, knee injury can cause injury to young people. It is time to take care of the pain in most cases.

Causes of knee pain :-

Hitting Problems

  • Separation of ligaments or muscles due to injuries in the knee.
  • Tearing of the ligaments – On both sides of the knee and inside of the knee, the ventral crotalet ligament (MCL) and the Letterell Colette Legendent (LCL) are the Enerrio Cruciate Leggement (ACL) and the Pasteurier Croissant Leagent (PCL). Any reason during sports for knee injuries or knees can cause them to break partially or completely. The result is knee pain and swelling of the knee.
  • Meniscus injuriesOn both sides of the knee there are two rubberish elastic objects. They’re called Meniscus. It is made of cartilage and during movement works as cushion on the knee. This injection of meniscus is caused by injury or loss. As result, the knee is painful and the knee swells.
  • BreastitisThe knees are surrounded by many breasts. Bursa is type of bag inside which contains liquid substances. The tendon motion around the knee is kept smooth by this bursa. This bursa swells and pain in the knee due to repetitive inflammation due to friction.
  • Peteller TendinitisAdhesives to the Petreler Seven Bone from the bottom of the knee bowl. Because of the excessive use of this tendon, there is tendency in the platelet due to inflammation. The result is knee pain. It’s known as jumper.

Mechanical problem

  • Loose Body – Some parts of knee bone or cartilage break due to injuries or losses, and these broken parts are inside the pair. This broken part is called Loose Body. This loosing body knees cause pain and obstruction of the knee.
  • Elliot-tibial Band Syndrome – This part of the ligament waist bone is attached to the outer parts of the sine bone. This ligament becomes tight or tight due to excessive use. As a result of this movement, it suffers pain and pain on the outer part of the thigh bone. It usually happens to athletes.
  • Moving knees bowl – knee pain is caused when knee bowl breaks due to birth or injury.
  • Referred Pen – The pain caused by rash (hip) or ankle pain due to the same nerve attack.

The cause of inflammation

  • Osteoarthritis – It is a disease of the knee bone or cartilage, and a growing disease. Generally, this disease occurs in old age. This causes pain in the knee and this pain increases during movement.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – it is also a disease associated with inflammation. It causes swelling and pain in the knee.
  • Gout – It is also caused by inflammation of the knee. This disease causes uric acid acidic crystals and pain.
  • Pseudo Gout – Calcium National Crystal is made of hands.

Osteoporosis :-

It is a disease of knee corrosion. This reduces the amount of calcium in the bone and bones are bone. It is also usually in old age.

Infection/Septic :-

Various types of infections such as: septic, tuberculosis and some sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea) cause knee swelling and pain.

Other reasons :-

Condo Malsia Petela :- The pain caused by the loss of cartilage on the back surface of the bowl. It is usually a teenager.

Osgood Slater Disease :- A little below the knee, there is a high stomach of the bone in the front of the sink, where the tendon is attached. For this tendon injury, high levels of bone are elevated and knee pain.

Symptoms :-

1. Pain in the knee

2. Increased knee pain during mobility.

3. Knee swelling

4. Come to water on the knees.

5. Hip and ankle pain for knee pain

Examination :-

1. Blood tests are routine.

2. Push test

3. Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, R.A. Factor


5. M.T

Knees :-

1. X-ray

2. CT scan

3. M. More. Eye.

4. Arthroscopy

Resistant :-

1. If you’re old, everyone causes pain. But it is beneficial to exercise those who suffer from such pain.

2. Use folded towel or cushion to fold under the knees and lie down for ten seconds. Then take rest from the same position to keep your feet normal. Exercise this method – 10 times. It is possible to do this exercise 2- times day. Call it the echo of quadriceps.

3. Weight loss on body.

4. Smoking and Alcohol Exclusion.

If knee pain and swelling due to injury :-

1. Have a moderate rest.

2. Snack with ice cubes in knee.

3. Use elastic compression or crepe bandage or knee cap in the knee.

4. Keep the knees elevated with a pillow under the feet while sleeping.

5. It reduces  pain and bloat.

There are knee pain due to two reasons. Due to age knee pain can not be easily removed. But seeing if it is due to accidental causes is very dangerous. But there are opportunities to be right. And it can be done by proper treatment. If necessary, new knee bones can be replaced. It can be repaired if the ligament is torn.

If there is problem with the ligament, be careful as you walk. Besides this, the pain of the elderly can be corrected as well as consulting physician like the rules. But at the same time, the way of life must change.

Remember :- do not put too much pressure on the knee or other bones during exercise. Be careful when running, swimming, treadmill or brisk walking.

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