How to remove tonsil pain!

lot of pain in the neck at times. Swallowing the dose is very hard. Tonsillitis or tonsil infections usually cause this pain. Tuberose redness, throat pain, throat ulcers, ear pain, neck swelling, fever, etc. are seen during tonsillitis.

Problems with tonsil usually occur at any age. The Tonsil is the thing that can be seen on both sides of the throat wall of the tongue’s back wall as round trunk. While it looks like muscle, it is basically tissue or cell type.

Tonsil pain is due to the viral infection. The cold cough viruses are also responsible for this tonsil infection. Tonsil infection can also be done domestically if the viral infection causes pain due to infection. Tonsil pain. The cold cough viruses are also responsible for this tonsil infection. Infection with tonsil can also be done domestically if the infection causes pain.

Let’s know, these domestic tips :-

Salt and water

When we start pain in the throat, we all do the job of making salt to the hot water of the kusum. Add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of hot water to make salt water. Secure it several times a day with it. In tonsil infections, it is very effective in reducing pain. Not only that, but it also eliminates the risk of neck bacterial infections.

Green Tea and Honey

Extract 10 cups of green tea leaves in cup of hot water and one spoon of honey. Drink little snack of tea. Green tea contains antioxidants which destroy all the damaging germs. Drink during the day from to cups of honey and tea.

Yellow and Milk

In a cup of hot milk, mix one pinch of turmeric. Goat milk removes tonsil quite effectively. The milk of goat contains antibiotics. But if the milk of the goat doesn’t get milk, mixing some of the milk in the milk of the cow with a little warm is beneficial.

Yellow anti – inflammatory, an anti – bacterial and anti – oxidant rich element that helps remove pain in the throat and eliminate infections with tonsillitis.

Ginger Tea

Take in one and a half cups of water one teaspoon of green gram and grind it for 10 minutes. Drink it 2-3 times a day at least. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory material from Ada prevents infection from being used. It also reduces the pain of the throat very effectively.


Onions are thought to have strong antibacterial properties. It may help to prevent or eliminate tonsil stones by including them in your diet.

Lemon juice

In 200 mg of kusum hot water, mix one spoon lemon juice, one spoon honey, half teaspoon salt. Drink this mixture as long as it’s not good for the throat pain. This is very useful to remove problems with tonsil.


The garlic contains components that are antibacterial and antiviral. Increasing the immune system works. Garlic is able to eat raw. You can also eat curd and honey mixed garlic.

Mint or Tulsi

Tulsi contains components that are anti – viral. Give in cup of water some tulsi or mint leaves. Now the water is boiling. Mix in this water small lemon juice. You can mix for the taste little honey in it. Drink three times this drink.

Cinnamon and Honey

The body benefits from mixing honey and cinnamon together. If the pain occurs in the cold or cold or throat, add 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Eat the mixture three days in row.


Preventing fenugreek tonsil pain is very useful. Mix one teaspoon of water with three fenugreek tablespoons in a liter of water. Keep 30 to 35 minutes burning. Keep the yolk warm while it’s hot. Pain and pain will be reduced by methyl throat.


If you use them or drink them according to these rules, you can get a good result. Hopefully after using them, you wo n’t have any pain in your tonsil. And if you have more, start treatment with advice from your doctor.

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