How much water is needed for the body!

The other name of the water is life- we all know less. It is impossible for us to walk one day without water.

For all kinds of work, we need water every day. Water is another name – we all know less or less. One day, without water, we can’t walk. We need water every day for all kinds of work. Furthermore, the amount of food we eat throughout the day is calories, fat, sugar and sugar free.

Even though the water has no nutrition, it is vital to life. A little more detailed on the water requirements of the body will make it clear to all.

83% of our blood, 22% of our bone, 74% of our brain, 75% of our muscles’ water, that is, two thirds of our bodies are water. Water needs to be done for the body’s internal organs to function properly.

The body is tired if you don’t drink enough water. Because of the absence of water, our bodies ‘ supply of nutrients and temperature control is hampered because at the beginning of the tree the water is not dried. Every body needs water assistance. Without a meal, survival without water can be possible for a week.

This means that the food list will contain plenty of water to keep the body active and physical fitness. Due to lack of adequate water, problems such as water loss, constipation, kidney problems, accumulation of body toxins, etc. can be caused.

Drinking water under thirsty conditions eliminates the dehydration of the body, as well as eliminating thirst. The strength also returns as a result of physical fatigue.

Water supplies blood and cells with oxygen and other nutrients. The whole body’s blood supply and circulation also increases the water. The body also regulates the temperature of the body. Due to lack of water, the body temperature may rise. Improves water digestion, digestion process We need plenty of water to properly digest food in our body. So along with fiber food, drink plenty of water.

Water reduces constipation. If the water does not drink properly then the body absorbs all the water, in which the colon becomes dry, so the waste from the body does not emit properly.Water protects against kidney stone, as water breaks salt and mineral urine and does not cause stones in the kidneys. Water is 85% of the brain. After a while, drinking water can be stress-free and increase physical strength. Water increases the circulation of the blood, thus reducing high blood pressure.

British scientists have provided different water information to keep the skin beautiful when the use of low – cost cosmetics in global skin care is increasing. They found that the skin is good if the amount of water on the skin is normal and helps reduce the folding of the skin.

Water is the second element for our life after oxygen.

25% of oxygen, on the other hand, comes from water. Dehydration is one of the many causes of headaches. Take drinking water for two minutes and rest for 20 minutes, the headache is closed.

Every day we lose water in different ways (such as urine, sweat, breathing, etc.). Two to four cups of water flow out of our lungs daily, while more than six cups of water fall out of the body in the bathroom six times a day.

How much water you drink each day depends on the height of your body and how much work you do. Nutritionists generally said that they would drink at least eight glasses of water a day. That means drinking with all types of drinking and water at least 8 glasses of water a day.

According to the metric system, it is necessary to drink water according to the quantity by sharing the body’s weight in kilograms. That means you should drink 2.3 liters of water if your weight is 70 kg (70/30 = 2.3), that is, you should drink more than eight glasses of water per day.

Never drink together a lot of water. During heavy work or exercise, everyone should drink a little water. An organization called ‘ The Association of the International Marathon Medical Director ‘ worked very slowly to raise awareness of this issue.As well as raising awareness among-st all, they are advising the players about the thirst of the water, and never more than that! If more than the other name of the water is not only life, it will be death.

Every year since 1993, March 22 is celebrated as ‘ World Water Day. ‘ The day was set in accordance with the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 47th. World Water Day warnings ‘ Worlds, save water, logically use water, and protect water resources. ‘

Water shortage around the world. The situation in 28 countries is very serious. After 30 years, there will be two to three hundred million people suffering from water.

To survive, it is very important to solve the water problem. Most countries have already taken active action in the world to prevent water conservation and pollution.

Around 31 million people die every year from various diseases caused by the world’s drinking of contaminated water. Unfortunately, about 90% of them are children under the age of 5. In the world, one child dies every 15 seconds due to waterborne diseases.

Not only that there is a dire situation in the future due to unusual population growth and climate change, which is likely to intensify the water crisis, experts say.

‘ The name of the water was once called life, ‘ it is now said that ‘ safe drinking water is another name. ‘ But there are a lot of questions about water quality. Because of lack of awareness, we are constantly drinking contaminated water.

Current water sources are regularly being polluted with arsenic, iron, and bacteriological pollution.

As a result, the prevalence of water pollution is increasing and it has become a major challenge to ensure water quality. So, understand the need for water, keep the pure water in your hand all the time, and drink more water.

Keep your body healthy in the summer by drinking too much water. Forget about tea, coffee, soft drinks, drink pure water to make your life healthier and longer. Remember that life is the name of pure and safe water.

Benefits of drinking enough water :-

Good for drinking water is the kidney, liver, heart and brain. The circulation of blood in the body is normal. Water helps to stay strong and normal in the inner cells. These cells will be damaged if water is lacking. You need to be aware of drinking pure water, though.

Since drinking water is not pure, water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid are in danger. After cooling down, water can be sterilized by blowing for at least half an hour. Water can be used in the right way to filter or filter. Besides buying bottled water from the market, listening to them should be heard.

Insufficient drinking water problem :-

In the human body there are many problems when there is not enough water. Blood pressure may be reduced by water shortage. There is a danger from this that blood circulation and kidney failure will decrease.


Many women frequently drink less water than they need. Especially those who are more inclined to get out of their work. The main reason is that our city and town do not have adequate public toilet. Drinking less water increases the complications of their urine infection and kidney. So, during the day, to reduce the water shortage, it should drink more water at home.

Adult women need eight to ten glasses of water or two to three liters of water a day. On the other hand, about 12 glasses of water will have to be drunk by men. Children weighing 1 to 10 kg must drink 100 cc of weight per kg. For each weighed child weighing 11 to 20 kg weighing 1000 cc and weighing more than 20 kg per kg weighing 1500 cc per kg. It’s better to drink water in this case.

Water is the best medicine, according to them, to prevent all diseases. Drinking enough water eliminates headache, heartburn, body ache, and tiredness. What are the benefits of the water? Let’s just know-

  • We do not do much for weight loss. But the weight that can be eased easily by playing adequate water. When we drink the right amount of water, our food becomes digested as soon as possible.
  • Water helps to increase the disease and helps prevent disease.
  • If you drink sufficient water, muscles and bones are healthy.
  • Along with weight loss, the more time we give the most time, it is to increase the luminescence of the skin. How much do you use cosmetics. Our eating habits determine everything in our body. The adequate water helps to remove all toxins from our body. As a result, our skin becomes more brighter by decreasing all the problems such as bron, acne etc.
  • The water will increase the amount of energy in our body.

People drink more water than they drink in winter. It’s more than summer sweat. There is also water panic. But how do you understand that you have water loss?

The pulse pulse decreases due to water pressure. The circulation of blood in the brain is impaired. There are some common signs as well. The thirst is rising. The tongue was drying up. Head up Into the coat go the eyes. The amount of urine is diminishing. Looks sluggish in appearance. The skin becomes rough and dry. Vulnerability in the body arises.

Drinking enough water is the only way to overcome water – solubility. Except for vomiting or diarrhea, there is no need to eat oresaline. Water can be mixed with some salt, though.

There is another life in the body of the pregnant mother. That’s why more than usual one liter of drinking water. In addition, after breastfeeding, mother should drink more water for six months. There’s a need for water on the body to make breast milk.

There is no specific rule for drinking water. 96 percent of the blood contains water. Drink water kept in normal temperature. Many people think that drinking more water increases body weight. Actually drink extra cold water, fat fibers clamped on the bund. That is why you should not drink extra cold water.

In the morning, a glass of water wakes up and eats a glass of water. This will reduce the problems of the gastric. Food habits are going to increase. Many lebuni women should also mix some honey in lebupani to reduce weight. This increases life’s strength.

Drinks should be taken at least 10 minutes after drinking. Otherwise, digestion may be difficult. If you go out in the summer, don’t forget to take a bottle of water for the entire day. If necessary, green drinks can also be used. It’s gaining strength.

Besides this, it is also necessary to eat creams, waterborne fruits. Half a glass of water or exercise should be eaten every 15 minutes. Naturally, in the summer, do not eat more tea or coffee. Can eat syrup fruit. There is no need for excess water to drink. Do not forget to drink water in order to maintain healthy body, mind and skin.

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