Cyclone Fani can damage many countries in 2019

Cyclone “Fani”

There are 14 very devastating cyclones in the Bay of Bengal from 1891 to 2017. Only 13 of them left the Bangladesh and Myanmar coast. The second cyclone hit in April is going to hit the coast of India on the coast. <<Cyclone fani>>

Cyclone "foni" can damage many countries in 2019

On April 29, 1991, a devastating cyclone hit the coast of Chittagong. It killed nearly 200,000 people. Then another very devastating cyclone in Myanmar hit Nargis in April 2008. The exact number of wounded or the death was not found due to the straining of the Myanmar government. The Muslim majority Rakhine area was hit by Nargis.

Cyclone Fani, which can move forward towards Bangladesh and India in West Bengal.

It’s becoming more powerful than ever before. It can hit on May 4th.

Meanwhile, the speed of the center of the cyclone has increased up to 150 kilometers per hour. In the end, it can reach the coast at a speed of 180 to 210 kilometer. The cyclone pony was 1195 kilometers southwest of Cox’s Bazar port, 1150 kilometers southwest of Mongla port and 1140 kilometers south-west from Piara seaport.

Meteorologists said the cyclone could change its course. Within the next 12 hours, it may be possible to reach the coast by an area.

It is expected to come back slightly in the east and the Sundarbans and Barisal coast of Bangladesh are expected to come out. It’s constantly changing the direction. The American Meteorological Office reports about the speed and speed of the fountain, while the speed of the spear can reach at the coast is 210 kilometers per hour. Which may be extremely destructive.

Meteorologists said,

Its distance from the coast of Bangladesh is gradually decreasing. The pony was 1250 kilometers south-west from Chittagong port on Tuesday evening. From 12 noon to noon, it’s only 20 kilometers ahead.

The weather office said that the fur is going strong and moving north and northwest. Within 74 kilometers of the cyclone center, continuous maximum wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour is increased to 170 kilometers in the form of gusts or winds. The ocean is very rough near the cyclone center.

That is why all the sea ports in the country have been asked to show the local alert signal number 4.

Cyclone "foni" can damage many countries in 2019

All fishing boats and trawlers located in the Bay of Bengal have been advised to travel carefully to the coast until further notice. They have also been told not to roam the deep sea.

The weather office said that cyclone is named because people can easily remember. The name of the Fani is given by Bangladesh. The name of the pony has been given from the snake’s hood. India has set its name right after the cyclone. That name will be air.

8 countries in the Bay of Bengal have identified the name of cyclone in phases. These eight countries are Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Thailand.



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