Cyclone Fani can damage many countries in 2019

Cyclone “Fani” There are 14 very devastating cyclones in the Bay of Bengal from 1891 to 2017. Only 13 of them left the Bangladesh and Myanmar coast. The second cyclone hit in... Read more »
Dual Universe game

The Best Upcoming Games in 2020

The best game will be released in 2020 and all the games will be discussed. And we will try to make everything in the upcoming game. 01 :- Death Stranding – Early... Read more »
Some Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables anstoday

Some Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Many people use fruit, vegetable juice to reduce weight in order to be healthy, but nutritionists do not encourage them to eat juice in particular. Because after milking, the fiber juice is spoiled. Juice does not mean bad though, but eating juice has a lot of advantages. The weak, sick body can eat as a diet :- Many people just get better through digestive weakness or a serious illness. Digesting fruits or vegetables can be difficult, so you can eat juice. The body can absorb nutrients very quickly. Eating juice means eating more fruits and vegetables :- Suppose you eat at least 6-8 vegetables a day, your daily... Read more »

How to make your baby skin bright?

Beautiful skin wants everyone! We try the elderly themselves, but try to do small children’s skin too, so that they grow up from their childhood and they get good skin. However, it’s... Read more »
What is the way to reduce blood pressure

What is the way to reduce blood pressure?

Once the blood pressure is attacked, it starts attacking the disease one by one. In which heart disease occurs. Kidney disease, eye and brain disorders also occur. Therefore, reducing the amount of salt you eat from today as much as possible to prevent such deaths. Because of the World Health Organization, salt is such a food that plays a special role in raising blood pressure. Therefore, it should not be enough to eat more than 2... Read more »

The way to get relief from heart disease

If any other organs are ineffective or damaged, the efficiency will disappear if only the organs work in disarray. But when the heart is wasted or stopped, people die. So if a heart is good, a person will be good, if the heart is functional, the man will be strong as well. If the heart becomes infected and weakened, the person becomes weak as well. His efficacy is declining once again, his physical and mental performance is declining. It should be kept fit for this emergency organ and it will be appropriate to try. It should be remembered that once you are well – affected with heart disease, life should be at risk and that the treatment of other diseases should be regularly checked according to the rules. “Resistance is better than remedy” is a saying. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to maintain this limb. Due to improved treatment of infectious diseases in various ways it... Read more »

Do you know what is eating banana’s every morning?

Banana is an extraordinarily fruitful fruit. The price is significantly lower. But many people are unfamiliar with eating bananas. And eating this fruit doesn’t take much importance because you don’t know it. According to the American Heart Association,If you don’t have severe weight or diabetes, eating banana on a daily basis is good. Regarding bananas, nutritionist Vijaya Agrawal said, “There is very little of the less expensive food at low cost”   To maintain blood pressure, one should... Read more »

The problem of girls about sex before marriage?

There are many men in our society who develop love relationships only for the purpose of enjoying a woman’s body and do not want to take responsibility for the relationship when the... Read more »

The easiest way to get rid of knee pain

For various reasons, knee pain may occur. Because of his age, he has knee pain. There is one kind of fluid in the knee. If the age is a decrease in the... Read more »
pregnancy anstoday

What to do during pregnancy!

The future of the child of today is coming. But how much care is taken for him to bring him to this beautiful world whose role is most? <<<Pregnancy>>> Do we really know how the child will be healthy and mentally developed during pregnancy to care for the mother? Whether you’re a mother or not, it’s important to know... Read more »

The way to remove the period pain.

<<What women do to ease the period of pain>> An integral part of the menstrual cycle is the painful menstrual period. Living a normal life in pain in various parts of the... Read more »
nose pain anstoday

What to do in the nose pain!

Cyanocytic pain is basically a sinus attack, it depends on a lot. For example, it may be said that there is pain on the side of Maxillary sinusitis and the position of... Read more »

What causes sex loss and solution!

Nowadays, many men suffer from problems of reducing gametes. The eating habits behind this problem can have a fatal effect. Eating can have a damaging effect on your libido. Especially when the... Read more »

Answer to some common health questions

-> What is health? Ans :- Some people think of health as a means of treatment. Some people think of health as a fatty appearance. But these concepts about health are not... Read more »

The Way to Overcome Eye Problems

Keeping our eyes healthy is very important. Because the whole world feels useless if the eyes are not healthy. The Earth’s light, shape and nature will all become meaningless. There’s something to do to keep our beloved eye healthy. …Let’s know… Keep clean regular eyes. Occasionally, for a scratchy eye health, the eyes are better. Develop the habit of closing the eyes and opening them once every three to four seconds. Give light to your eyes. Hold it in two eyes as the palm’s two palms produce heat. It will diminish your vision and relax. Usually we are used to looking at objects closest to us. Give the vision away. Try walking or watching away. Keep out of the humid air two eyes.... Read more »

How much water is needed for the body!

The other name of the water is life- we all know less. It is impossible for us to walk one day without water. For all kinds of work, we need water every... Read more »

Don’t take a bath with hot water

There is no problem in hot water on the winter day. But it is not too hot. Those who take a bath in hot water, they will take mildew of water. Bathing... Read more »

Some Top-1o Natural Ways to Overcome Headache

While we don’t give headache any importance, it’s a matter of big trouble. For various reasons, nearly all of the smallest people were attacked. It is usually due to deficiencies in sleep,... Read more »

Do -7- Exercises to Raise the Height

These are essentially stretching exercises that help you overcome the stigma of your body. If the body is cut, the height increases. But it is a proper way to observe. If you... Read more »

There are 5-Ways to Stay Healthy

We don’t want anybody to get sick. Because disease means trouble and cost. Not only is getting sick bad, it doesn’t mean a person can’t go to work or school, earn money... Read more »

The Real love story in 2019

Our first meeting on February 26, 2010, in a banquet of my father’s office icddr, b He also used to work in the office of his cradle, that too he was also... Read more »

Weight Loss |12-Way In Just 15 day

Many people are worried about today’s excess fat. For good health, for physical beauty, both men and women will also lose weight. But due to the activity, there is often no need for weight loss or diet.But know, some simple techniques are used to reduce excess weight, but not too hard. Weight can also be reduced. Bold sky’s Health Department anstoday website has given 12 easy tips in 15 days for weight loss. 1. Drink water : If you drink enough water the body is moist, the feeling that your stomach is filled will also be created. Also, the appetite may be less, so you’ll eat less, gradually lower the weight. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day at least. 2. Clean the refrigerator : Do you laugh out? What’s the weight loss frying relationship again? Have relationships with others. Remove those high calorie-rich foods or... Read more »

Kitchen Sorting 10-Way

It is important to keep a watch in the kitchen on the different areas, including adequate electrical equipment, according to a report published on a living – themed website. Keep enough space :- The modern design of the kitchen depends on how much space is available. For example, the best thing to do is to design the kitchen area small, parallel or straight. If you have a large cooked kitchen, it can be designed as ‘ El, ‘ ‘ U ‘ or Island in English. Electricity system:- You should decide what the electrical system will be like before designing the kitchen. The kitchen designs of the apartment in particular. Because anyone... Read more »

Top 10 Best Phone Companies In The World

China’s dominance of global smartphone business now Chinese brands own 48 percent of the world’s smartphone market share, according to the counterpoint market monitoring service. Outside China, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Huawei do extensive business. Samsung and Apple maintained the top position in the market for smartphones, however. Readers are currently highlighting the top ten smartphone maker organizations in the smartphone market. 01. Samsung Samsung topped the smartphone market The company’s market share was 22 percent in the second half of 2017. The Technology Products Manufacturers Association of South Korea has annually sold 4 percent more smartphones in the quarter. 02. Apple    Apple is second in the smartphone market According to Counterpoint Research, 11 percent of the global market share has been held by the company.... Read more »
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