Answer to some common health questions

-> What is health?

Ans :- Some people think of health as a means of treatment. Some people think of health as a fatty appearance. But these concepts about health are not correct. It is important to remember that it is not possible to be sick without being ill. It is not only health to remain healthy from the body, but also the health of the mind. Again, it is not possible to live properly without the society. So health means being healthy, emotionally and socially.

->What does public health mean?

Ans :- Public health means that people of all classes of an area are healthy, mentally and socially healthy. That’s why health is not just about health. These include infectious disease control, reproduction and child health, family welfare, disease prevention system, nutrition, environment, pure drinking water, personal cleanliness, etc. Therefore, it is not only the person himself, but also the people of the area and the well-being of the environment.

->What does health provision mean?

Ans :- Sanitation and removal of all waste materials in a healthier way and hygiene system is kept clean. Under sanitation – Use of sanitary toilets, use of steamed furnace, regular teeth whitening, regular bathing, regular nails, walks outside the house or shoes, where there is no spit, use of safe drinking water, after water-shake and food Washing hands with soap and before and after, follow hygiene during hygiene, wearing clean clothes, good for dirty water cleansing Make the situation, keep the environment free of tidy etc.

->When will a pregnant woman be enrolled in the health center?

Ans :- As soon as pregnant, the woman should be enrolled in a sub-health center or primary health center or government hospital as soon as possible. It is best to enter the name within three months. You can get pregnancy, maternity and coveted government health services only if you have a pregnant woman in a sub-health center or primary health center or in a government hospital. After the name is given, the name of the pregnant woman is given to the government health service card. What is the vaccine for a pregnant woman and after childbirth, it is also written on the card. It is also understood that how many pregnant women are being pregnant in the area or how many babies are born and whether pregnant women and children are going to die in them. Such information is very important to understand the health status of the area.

->When will pregnant woman take immunization of tetanus?

Ans :- After being pregnant, tetanus vaccine does not have the fear of having a mother and baby bowing. As soon as you are pregnant, you will have to take Titenas vaccine for the first time as soon as possible and for the second time you have to take the tetanus vaccine for a second time. That means pregnant women must take Twenty-two vaccines twice. This vaccine is available at the public health center at no cost.

->How many iron pills should the pregnant woman have to eat?

Ans :- Pregnant women should eat 100 pounds of iron pills every day, at full stomach, before bed, eating food at noon or at night. The pregnant women who have very high levels of anemia, they have to eat 2 pills twice a day, after eating food, they have to eat in the stomach. Then lie down and take a rest. Often the iron stomach vomits playing in the abdomen, so it should not be eaten in an empty stomach. In the case of someone else, a little nausea comes in the first few days, but if you take a rest on the stomach, then it is fine within a few days. During this time, drinking plenty of pure drinking water and eating pulses and satires in the daily meal.

->How can it be known whether there is anemia in the body?

Ans :- It is understood to have an anemia when the color of the eyes, nose, tongue, etc. is faded. Usually it is absent when pregnant. The amount of red blood in the blood should be as much as the amount of blood in the body, when it decreases from it, it is called anemia.

->How often should a health check in pregnant women’s health center?

Ans :- During pregnancy, at least once in the first three months, second health check will be done at least once in three months and at least two health checks in the last three months. That means a normal pregnant mother will have to be tested at least 4 times. If you want or you need health check-ups at the health center more often than you need. These health conditions, blood pressure or blood pressure are high or low, whether pregnant weight is growing properly, what is the condition of pregnant baby etc. These health centers are free in 1 test center.

->How much time does a pregnant woman need to rest?

Ans :- Pregnant woman needs 8 hours and 2 hours of rest during the night. It is very important for both mother and pregnant children to keep their health healthy. Pregnant woman should not be too heavy. It may cause damage to the pregnant baby.

->What preparations are needed before delivery?

Ans :- To carry a pregnant woman to a hospital, you must keep the car beforehand.

  • Who will go with a pregnant woman?
  • If the women of the self-help group are not able to take it in such a case, or if it is not possible to move to the health center before birth, it is necessary to prepare some preparation too.
  • The trained mother-in-law must keep up with the news.
  • Remember to clean the five.

For example- (i) Clean place, (i) Clean hand, (i) Clean yarn, (iv) Clear (new) blade, and (v) Clear pulse. The new blades, new yarn, soap, and dry sunlight will be ready to dry two fabrics. In order to get the cleanliness, the suettes will be boiled in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. A clear pulse should be understood that no medicines or oils or bandages or anything else can be used in the cut pulse.

->What are the symptoms of childbirth danger?

Ans :- Signs of maternal danger are:

  • 12 hours more pain in childbirth
  • Excess bleeding
  • Do not fall in half an hour
  • Blood pressure or high blood pressure or leg swelling
  • Feel shy
  • Break the water before the time

->What to do if you live in childbirth during childbirth?

Ans :- To save the child from infection during the delivery, the following must be complied with –

1.Clean light should be delivered in the air in the air.
2.The pulse will be cut into new blades and prevent the pulse with a clean yarn.
3.Can not put anything in the cut.
4.As few people as possible will catch the child. Because, because of the external clothes and dirty hands, children can be infected with various diseases.

->What kind of childcare should be done after birth?

Ans :- At the time of birth, the child will have to feed his mother’s first black yellow milk (shawl milk / colostrum). As soon as possible, the child will be given dose polio vaccine and BCG vaccine as soon as possible. If it is not possible to feed the child with polio vaccine after the birth, then within 20 days, he will have to take polio vaccine and vaccinate the BCG. Keep the baby in the VJ and keep the baby in the chest and the mother will get the baby. Immediately after birth, the child needs to gently clean with clean cloth. Then, with a dry cloth, the legs should be wrapped from the head.

->What will the child have to feed after the baby’s body becomes blue?

Ans :- It will be very scary to feed the mother’s breast milk till 6 months of age. Do not drink water, candy water, honey, milk or other water at this time, and no water can be given to drink. Under the mother’s milk, all the food and water the child can get.

->What vaccinations are given for?

Ans :- An immunopathic antidote to a vaccine BCG (Injecting) tuberculosis oral polio (OPV) polio (mouth fed) DPT (injection) measles (injection) Vitamin ‘A’ oil (fed with mouth) DT (injection)

->What is the need to take care of low birth-weight children?

Ans :- Children with low birth weight should take special care.

  • According to the needs of the children, she will be breast-fended by her mother repeatedly (whenever the child wants).
  • The child should be kept warm so that the feet of the feet are warm.
  • No one should keep a watch on the child without the mother and keep it in mind.
  • If a very weak child can not drink milk, then breast feeding should be provided to the child.

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